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QF-20-100 W


The 19" control unit of the Low Power devices (20W to 100W) can be best described as the heart of our machines. It makes sure the user experience is as smooth as possible.


The laser emission is controlled by industry grade electronics to ensure maximum security. This control makes sure the operator is always working in a safe environment, and is informed about possbile errors or faults. 


Different laser programs can be created in our dedicated software Cleansweep©, guaranteeing optimal process settings, smooth surface finish and prevention of surface damage. After uploading the various programs on the system, these programs can be selected immediately from the display menu so there is no need for a PC to operate the machine. 

QF 20-100.jpg

QF-200-300 W


The design of a Mid power system (200W or 300W) is more advanced than the Low Power unit's design.


Not only does the standard configuration exist of a control unit and a laser source, but also a cooling unit. This cooling unit makes sure the source remains cool during operation.


Our unique industrial grade control system ensures fluent operation of both chiller and laser source, and provides the customer with all the information he needs!


Of course, multiple laser programs can also be created in Cleansweep©, which can be stored to the control unit later on.

QF 200-300.jpg

QF-500-2000 W


P-Laser's High Power systems are truly state-of-the-art machines that combine high pulse power with large surface coverage. The laser is controlled by a 19" control unit. To cool the optical components during operation, water cooling is integrated. 


The High Power series can be delivered in several configurations:  a 500W, a 1000W or a 2000W laser source. They all work at the same pulse power, but the 1000W delivers double the amount of energy of the 500W to speed up the process, and the 2000W again doubles the energy of a 1000W system.

An air treatment unit is integrated to cool down the optic and avoid dust onto the lens.

qf 500-1000.png
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